Ag & Food Salons

Ag & Food Salons

*LEGACY: We’re in the process of turning this into a formal, separate website.*

Welcome! This Salon series is fashioned after the French Salons in the Enlightenment, where women played a notable and pivotal role in intellectual discourse.

During COVID, a group of 4 women dispersed throughout the food & ag world got together to start our own journal club where we shared news, articles, thought pieces, podcasts, and more of what inspired us in the big messy world of ag & food systems.

Early 2023 we started up again, expanding our membership to more amazing, interesting women. This page is for our notes, reflections, and recommendations.

Questions? Want to join us or host your own Salon & share notes? Email us here.

Team Members

Founding Members:


  • Mallory Bell
  • Katelyn Mann
  • Eileen McNamara
  • Claire Lynch

Foundational Documents

New to the space and want to get inspired? These are some of our favorite resources for people getting started:

📘 Clean Meat by Paul Shapiro

🎙️ The Slow Melt with Simran Sethi

🎥 Food, Inc. by Robert Kenne

Session Notes

February 2023: Climate Smart Ag